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>> bret: i have no clue what he was saying. that's it this pledge focuses largely on three things. a plan to create jobs, end economic uncertainty. and make america more competitive. >> this pledge to america. >> if in is implemented, what we are going to see is the infliction of a playing on america. >> the american people are speaking out like never before. they are concerned about the future of our nation and the future for their children. >> the tea party is easy to define almost anyone who disapproves with the obama, reid, pelosi agenda. >> washington isn't listening, doesn't get. the american people think
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washington doesn't care. >> i'm not big on these pledges, i think they are a lot of showboat. i don't like to take them there's the things the american people are demanding. and our pledge to america is that the republicans stand ready to get it done. >> sean: so with just 39 days until the midterm elections tensions are running high. that was evident last night in las vegas. a brawl erupted after a forum with nevada senate candidates harry reid and sharron angle. security guards broke up a toon a man who claimed to support angle and two women who said they supported harry reid. angle was at the event live, prince harry phoned it delivering a video message. apparently the closeless of the -- closeness of the race getting to those following it. they are tied up. 8% still undecided this week's political drama didn't end there. today comedian stephen colbert
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made his way to capitol hill to offer testimony on the american farm industry, in particular the illegal immigrants on which it relies. take a look at this. >> this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by american. then sliced by guatemalan and served by a venezuelan in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. america's farm are too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables the answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you will see many americans have already started. i started with preconceived notions of my good labor. after working with these men and women, picking beans and packing corn, hours on end side by side in the unforgiving sun, i have to say and i mean this sincerely,
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please don't make me do this again. >> sean: conyers had an odd and strange request. >> i would like to recommend that now that we've got all this attention, that you excuse yourself. and that you let us get on with the three witnesses and all the other members there. we are sure it will be shown on the show tonight. i'm asking to you leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead. >> i'm here at the invitation of chairwoman if she would like me to remove myself i'm happy to do so. i'm only here at her invitation. >> sean: in the end he stuck  and made -- joining me with reaction all of this former democratic pollster pat caddell, andrea, both fox news
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contributors. let's start with the brawl. apparently, and i got some photographs, apparently harry reid supporters, he wouldn't show up at the forum. so sharron angle is there. reid supporters bust in. brawl breaks out. what is that telling you mr. caddell? >> the tensions are so high, it going to get worse. the sheriff where i live in charleston county told me, law enforcement doesn't understand the raging emotion going on. there are going to be incidents and it is going to get ugly because people are frustrated. the political process is frustrating them. >> sean: look at this brawl. >> it is outrageous. >> you should have seen pat and i in the green room earlier. this video is nothing. >> nah we were looking at your shoes. >> sean: they are duking it out.
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this happened on the heels of the republican's pledge to america. they release a serious document, returning to our declaration, constitution, laying out serious ideas at a time when 1 in 7 americans are in poverty, foreclosures, up 25% this is -- stephen colbert is who they invite to testify? did they expect anything different? >> it sums up the democratic party perfect this is who they go to, a clown for expert advice on immigration. their reasoning was he's been on a farm before. i was a big fan of little house on the prairie are they gone that invite me to testify? the most shameful thing about it is the chairman who invited him to testify is the chairwoman of the ethics committee. in charge of setting the schedules for guess whose hearing? charlie rangel and maxine waters. instead she invites stephen colbert to waste taxpayer
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dollars and make a mockery -- >> sean: as funny as he was, i thought he was hilarious. you wouldn't expect anything less. it is like inviting don imus to host and he's himself and people are critical. >> a serious thing happened today that no coverage which is the civil rights commission. >> sean: for . why would they invite him? >> because it is a circus up there! >> sean: how are the american people going to respond, they are part of the 18% unemployed those that gave up looking for work. out of work. under employed. how are they going to respond when they send this clown up there company >> he's a creative -- he doesn't belong in character in front of a committee under oath. >> sean: they invited him, what does it say about them? >> i said don't blame him -- >> sean: i'm not blaming him. >> you see what you did, today the guy that was head of the voting rights group in the --
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>> sean: you are missing my point. . >> you are missing my point. testified today about the black panther case he's the guy they moved to south carolina they have a discriminatory policy against whites and nobody covered that. >> sean: fair enough. if i'm sitting home and i don't have a job. and i'm watching stephen coll better -- first of you -- stephen colbert, first of all the same congress that won't let us know about taxes -- >> they won't vote on the bush tax cuts because they don't have the votes. >> this is the crime bill in '94 that fell apart before and the democrats were slaughtered on the floor they are not doing that the. this is an outrage you control the white house and both houses and you can't even have a vote on this issue because they are afraid they can't win it. >> sean: this has been by all accounts a disastrous week for the administration. ahmadinejad embarrassed the president.
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here's the guy that was going to speak with him without preconditions saying he was shocked by ahmadinejad's comments yesterday with his 9/11 conspiracy. here's the president of the supposedly a friendly town hall saying is the american dream dead? is this our new reality. >> don't forget a book about how barack obama said we can absorb another 9/11. it points to why he doesn't see the problem with having a ground zero mosque. he's unfit to serve. he has no experience. >> sean: 20 seconds each. how does this week impact 39 days from now? >> we dino yet because things have stalled. the tide is there still, it is just hanging. the republicans need a narrative to restart it and they haven't do that yet. >> sean: democrats had a horrible week. the republicans had a good week. >> you gave us the narrative, the democrats gave the republicans the narrative.
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they've mucked up this country. republicans are gonna capitalize on, we are going to -- >> interesting if they did the narrative. >> sean: guys good to see you both appreciate it. >> they've already had several primary upsets. can the tea party keep the momentum going until november? rand paul is here with reaction. >> are you unhappy with what is going on in washington? warren buffet
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>> sean: warren buffet stopped by cnbc yesterday with this message for you. >> i hope we get over it pretty soon because it is not productive. it is not helpful to have people as unhappy as they are about what is going on in washington. >> sean: don't be upset washington is wasting your washington is wasting your money, get over itñ÷
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>> sean: as we close in on the midterm elections the kentucky senate race between rand paul and his democratic opponent jack con way looks to be shaping up to be another political shootout. latest poll shows paul holding a 15 point lead. a public policy poll shows the race closer with paul holding a 7 point lead. will rand paul be able to energize the conservative base, pull off another victory for the tea party? joining me now rand paul. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> sean: what do you make of -- that's a big disparity in the polls. where do you think you are in this race? >> we've been consistently ahead at lost 7 to 10 points. a little higher than 10 points in both the recent rasmussen poll and the courier journal poll. we think momentum is with us.
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we have large crowds everywhere we go. dead in the summer when no one is thinking about politics we had 400 people show up for a party. we've got big events across the stay. people think we are going in the wrong direction in this country. they show up spontaneously to talk about how they want to take their country back everywhere we go. >> sean: we recently had christine o'donnell on the program earlier this week. you went through this probably before anybody else. you came out of nowhere. you beat the establishment candidate in a landslide. you had a big victory. you started to go on national play gotcha programs. then you say i'm going straight to the people of kentucky. you didn't think it was beneficial. do you think she is wise in her decision to focus more on delaware now than national media? >> yes. i think she can win up there she will talk about the economic message. she will talk about how this administration is the most
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anti-business administration we've had. talk about things like term limits that resonate across party lines. talk about a balanced budget amendment. 70 to 80% of democrats agree with term limits and a balanced budget amendment that's why the tea party is so potent and why they try to create other havoc and create other nomenclature for us. the things we talk about are popular. balanced budget amendment, term limits, read the bills. >> sean: one more question on the media. there is a hostile media. there's a game of got you on certain programs that are out there trying time press their liberal friends and show how tough they are. all of this seemingly wanting to build themselves up. how do you balance that in terms of making decisions about where you think your best -- you're best able to get out your message? >> it is interesting. i started out saying i wanted
5:16 am
to get my message to everyone. i've been on networks that are considered to be more liberal. when i was on some of these, after i was treated unfairly, a couple of people from the network called me and said we want you to come back on. we'll talk about the commerce clause. we'll have an intellectual discussion. and i told them, how can i come back on, when you bash me for three hours with something that is untrue? you basically repeat something that is a lie for three hours on the air. you expect me to walt back on and have a good intellectual discussion. even this person is a prominent person he admitted it is hard for a conservative to come back on the network. >> sean: it sounds like they are setting up again. fool me once, shame on you. twice shame on me all right, harry reid and democrats they get in an smoke filled room, close the door and died, we are not gonna let the american people, before in election, know what they are going to be paying in taxes come january
5:17 am
of this year. your reaction to that? think -- they did have time for stephen colbert. >> my guess is they think they will lose on the issue. they see the american public doesn't buy the soeblg the rich or tax the rich. what -- soak the rich or tax the rich. remember when they wanted to tax the yachts? the big boats that the rich bought. the rich people went to the virgin islands and bought their boats down there. you know was hurt? the ship builders in connecticut. you can't punish the rich people. you punish the people who work for them or the people who they buy things from. it makes no sense to soak the rich. >> sean: john kerry bought the boat and anchored it in r -- in rhode island so he can save tax money. the last question. republicans in the house came out with their pledge to america. i'm sure you've had time to look at the document. it did remind me when they
5:18 am
were talking about principles, constitution, declaration, cutting taxes, limiting spending. sounds like the tea party movement. you think the establishment has moved in the direction of the tea party? >> definitely. i think we are influencing, if not shaping the entire debate right now across the country. i wanted the message to maybe be even a little stronger. i wanted them to have in there something like a balanced budget amendment. i think both sides of the aisle have proven themselves to be untrustworthy with billioning the budget. i think they will only do it if they have a rule attached to the constitution that says you have to balance the budget that's the only way we'll do it. >> sean: i understand you have a spaghetti dinner and chilly cook-off tonight, -- and a chili cook-off tonight, i'm jealous two of my favorites. >> drinking and smoking what look like marijuana is this their way for thanking the american people for bailing
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>> sean: it is the video that had all of detroit talking this week. it has captured the attention of the nation. auto workers at a chrysler plant in michigan caught on tape during a lunch break drinking alcohol and smoking what appears to be marijuana. the shocking footage was captured last friday. the 15 employees have been indefinitely suspended by chrysler and the united auto workers union has issued a statement denounce being the conduct. what is angering americans across the country is the fact that chrysler was among the auto companies bailed out by you the tax pair. that means you saved the jobs of the workers in this video. what makes this even worse, this is the exact same plant
5:24 am
that the anointed one, president obama visited less than two months ago. during his visit he praised the management and workers at the site for their sacrifice. i guess this was just their bailout party. here with more on this is investigative reporter for fox 2 in detroit. he broke the story. here in studio from the fox business network nicole petallides is with us. you broke in story. i watched in its entirety. what has been the reaction from -- you said you were getting mixed reaction from people. what is it now? >> i would say the majority of the people are pretty upset about what these guys were doing. we all want the auto cops -- auto companies to do well in detroit, it is our economy everybody is pretty upset. there are some that say gosh why are you putting that on the air it is going to make detroit look bad. we need all the help we can get.
5:25 am
detroit doesn't have a great reputation in a lot of country. we are trying change that and be positive and show how great our cars are, our people are and our workers are and you guys put in on. so it has been mixed. >> sean: i'm looking, is there any doubt that was marijuana they were smoking? >> it was great. they look great that is horrible. that is horrid when you see that. look at how big those beers are! this is unbelievable. this is a pr issue this is a liability issue . this is our taxpayer money, our nickel going to their beer, their pot, their pensions. this is how they are spending our nickel! >> sean: i got a confession to make. i worked in a ship ward and i gotta tell you, there was a half hour lunch break. and more than a few people went out there and drank beer. >> i'm sorry, you make your bed you lie in it. these people are making the cars we drive with our
5:26 am
children in it. this is the only plant in america that makes jeep cherokees. >> sean: great truck. >> i love it too. there's been nine recalls, there's a 10th pending. this is a safety issue. >> sean: rob you confront the workers. let's watch the reaction. >> i hate to be a buzz kill but shouldn't you guys be building cars? done you work out at the chrysler factory? the government spent a lot of money bailing you guys out and you coming out here on your lunch break drinking like this? where you guys going man! you gonna go build some cars now after you had a few beers? >> sean: buzz kill? nobody talked to you, right? >> no, they ran away. they got scared. they knew they were busted. the thing is, these guys weren't just going out once in awhile and celebrating the 4th
5:27 am
of july. if the president coming to your plant telling you how great you are, isn't gonna motivate ya, it is unbelieveable. they went out a few days later, they were drinking, pounding down beers, smoking and -- sean this -- >> sean: this wasn't just one day you had them on camera 10 days. was it most lit same group? >> pretty much the same. everyday there was 10 to 20 showing up. we were 10 for 10. we went out there 10 days over five weeks every single time we went out there, there was somebody there drinking. there was one group that was there every time we were there. >> sean: let me show you guys this. we have video of you showing this video of these guys drinking and smoking to chrysler execs. >> i'm very, very disturbed about what we just saw on the video. i want to make it clear we at
5:28 am
chrysler take this very seriously. for us this behavior is totally unacceptable and will be dealt with siftly -- swiftly. >> sean: they are suspended without pay now. make a point after that, which is they a got a lot of good workers there. >> and this doesn't represent all of our factory workers. we paid 65 billion dollars to bail out the auto industry. there's plenty of people who don't think we should have done that at all. that these businesses could have worked it out on their on. these people have to be out! >> sean: bob, these are good jobs in a city -- >> great jobs and there's a lot of people that want 'em. >> sean: good benefits. do you think they should be fired and what's the consensus? >> well, it is not up to me what should happen. chrysler certainly took this very, very seriously. this isn't anything that
5:29 am
anybody pooh-poohed away. chrysler was very up set the ua work released a statement. something is supposed to happen monday. there is supposed to be some kind of a disposition given. it has been a couple of days. chrysler is embarrassed and upset. >> out, out! they make almost $75 an hour between the cash they get, the benefits, the benefits and pension. that's what they are doing with our money? these people should not be making cars we put our families in in. >> sean: thanks for being here. you should not be criticized for telling the truth. we appreciate you being with us. our great american panel is next. activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me.
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>> sean: tonight on our great
5:34 am
american panel, he's a fox news contributor stephen crowder is back. kirsten powers is here. editor at daily caller er carlson is back. why did you call me mean? >> everybody on this panel is mean. >> sean: we didn't start. >> that story you just did -- >> sean: you may it was mean. >> it was mean you just got all these people fired with families. go down to wall street and get some of these guys that work at goldman sachs that got bailout money going to strip clubs and drinking martinis. >> sean: how is i remember an investigative report of guys on wall street going out on 20/ 20, buying heroin chasing the dragon, on lunch breaks, i bet they got fired. >> that's just a saturday night. >> you are not comparing heroin and drinking a beer. [ talking over each other ]
5:35 am
>> those guys were big guys. >> factories have large fast moving metal objects. you probably shouldn't be lit up while operating those. >> we don't know they were lit up. >> if you smoke pot you are stoned, right? >> i think it is a double standard because i know what guess on down at wall street. >> sean: so they should be given a pass? >> no. >> sean: we bailed them out. >> we paid money to bail out the banks. [ talking over each other ] >> you go down there tomorrow and you can find a bunch of people drinking -- >> sean: there's a lot of people in detroit that would be more dedicated to their jobs. i'm more upset about the drug use. >> what the difference -- what is the different teen standing in the parking lot and having a beer and having a martini? >> in the case of wall street employers don't care chrysler
5:36 am
cared and they suspended these guys. >> it shows sean cares. why don't we care they are having three martini lunches and running our economy into the ground? >> i care about all of the above. but to vilify the us vs. them, i don't care if bankers are getting drunk at lunch, i don't. because i'm not their boss. >> sean: there is a distinction. anybody that is benefiting from the hardworking americans, 18% real unemployment in this country, that is paying the bill for them to stay in business and they've got nice salaries and nice benefits, i'm sorry they have a responsible -- >> we bailed out the banks. >> sean: i'm saying anybody. what part of anybody don't you get? >> then a lot of people on wall street should be fired for drinking. >> this is nothing new and there's lack of accountability. >> why don't we stop bailing people out and they can do whatever they want. >> crazy talk. >> i know it is radical.
5:37 am
>> sean: here the republicans roll out their new version of the contract with america, pledge to america. the next day democrats showed how concerned they are about the country and the future. they bring stephen colbert to tear them apart by mocking the living daylights out of 'em, which i think appropriately shows how lacking in seriousness the democratic party is now. >> i didn't get the whole thing. i think colbert is a funny, talented guy. i thought he was making a pretty consistent case for migrant workers. underneath it all, there was an ideological edge to that. i think if the all thing was bizarre, made the democrats look stupid. i know everyone thought it was cool. >> this is the congress of the united states. >> patrols understand the value -- liberals understand the value of entertainment and arts.
5:38 am
-- it will not amount to -- is it sad? yes but they have a huge voice and democrats thee matters. >> sean: i totally, completely and utterly disagree with you. i think colbert is funny, stewart and letterman are mean and hard-core liberals. i think this backfires. why would they invite at a time when the country is experiencing real problems, a comedian to testify on capitol hill? >> didn't the republicans invite elmo to testify once? >> no, rich little. >> he did a good he will movement >> this is what they do when someone is trying to get attention for a cause, usually. i think he made a really great case. they asked him why am i here? because i want to speak for people who cone don't have a voice. -- who don't have a voice. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: conyers told him to leave and he serious.
5:39 am
>> the question is why did they invite him and not realize that he was going to be in character perhaps? >> any comic who says i'm here to speak for people who have no voice is no longer a comic but a pompous jerk. you can't speak for us. [ talking over each other ] >> if you have an issue that you care about, who is listening to the migrant workers? nobody cares about them. >> sean: we have to take a break. bill clinton is ripping obama. tearing him to shreds. your party is falling apart. time to check in with growth -- -- with greta van susteren for a sneak peek watch is coming up. ready, catch. i threw it into the camera, i got to buy it. you break it, you buy it. >> greta: great show tonight. governor huckabee is here. we'll find out whether congressman pence who won that
5:40 am
straw vote whether he intends to run for president in 2012. plus kurt warner, great quarterback. can he dance? he's on "dancing with the stars." he's here tonight. and we have much more. >> sean: i'm lobbying for greta to go on "dancing with the stars." >> greta: never, ever. >> sean: tucker went on. >> listen hell will freeze over before sean hannity will appear. >> greta: which is why i said i will do it with sean hannity. >> sean: are you asking know dance? >> greta: no. >> more with our great american panel, straight
5:41 am
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel many you are wrong on everything else. you have been right and somewhat critical as a democrat of the anointed one as president. bill clinton got into the act. said to obama, you gotta suck
5:45 am
it up, take it like a man. he said i think it mate be good he got this criticism at this town hall when this woman confronted him. another guy said it is end of the american dream. he said i would tell him to embrace people's anger, including disappointment. he needs to hear it. he needs to hear all this criticism. >> the other thing that he could learn from clinton is he needs to be able to be empathetic. rather than always have cerebral answers to what is going on when somebody is standing there telling him, look i'm a supporter of yours and i'm dying here. i don't think he was able to empathize with her. >> sean: this was a bad week for this president. woodward's book was one example. this is an example. ahmadinejad, i think humiliated him this week. he showed how weak he was in his response. he was shocked that the guy he
5:46 am
would negotiate with preconditions would have a 9/11 conspiracy. >> the thing about obama he has never been through it before. whatever you think of clinton he has been through and emerged on the other side he's a tough man deep down. the current president believes that he's the chosen one. cannot deal with criticism. i think it is one of the reasons that clinton is not close to obama clinton is closer to bush than obama >> sean: look who he lost axelrod going to the campaign. dead fish emanuel, summers all in one week. >> he should take a lesson from governor countries governor if you are watching not only do you make good cookies but you have refused to submit to the -- [ unintelligible ] >> sean: we have a tape of christie. christie defends meg whitman on the campaign trail. >> hey listen, hey, listen,
5:47 am
you know what, you ought to yell at me. don't give her a hard time. we are here talking about the future of the state of california and the future of our country and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you this, you know what. it is people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we are going to bring this country together, not divide it. >> sean: he went right up to him and didn't back -- i mean. >> i think, i travel a lot, chris christie is the name i hear most often from republicans when asked who would you like to see nominated? i think america wants guy who is tough enough to stand up. >> sean: another name i hear is bobby jindal. >> i agree. but bobby jindal, really smart, i don't think will put on a performance like that. >> he's not authoritative like governor christie. >> sean: that was a typical
5:48 am
rudy giuliani press conference when he was mayor. >> i any if a democrat did that you would be saying that is unhinged. pointing at somebody that way. i think it is great what he did. i don't think that necessarily makes you qualified to be president. >> sean: no. i was interesting obama didn't have good answers this week when confronted. here we are 39 days out of an election. what appears to be republican landslide in the making, potentially, i don't want people getting overconfident. i see this president cannot get his footing. >> my theory on it, if you look at him during the campaign, he was much more able to empathize with people. he was talking about someone else creating a problem. now when people are count fronting him he feels like wait a minute i've done so much how come you are not appreciating it. he's not getting that's not right the right response. >> the thing with president obama, the second he starts saying let me be clear.
5:49 am
that means i'm about to bs you badly and not give you an answer, please call it cerebral. >> easy to be magnanimous when you are winning. when you are under pressure and crises pop up out of nowhere are the tests and he's failing the tests. >> sean: does he have the ability if he loses the election to go to the center? >> to take that message? that will be the advice gets from every wise democrat all three in the united states, i would say, i don't know -- >> sean: ouch! >> i don't think he can do it. >> you have to remember where clinton was at this point. he was considered -- he wasn't going to be reelected, you know >> sean: good panel tonight. when we come back a special interview with the israeli president peres. much more straight ahead.
5:50 am
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>> sean: diplomats and dictators from all ownership over the world done vered on new york city for meeting of the united nations general an is assembly. i was happy to sit down with a long time ally and friend of the u.s. israeli president shimon peres. we spoke about the potential of a iran the role of the united nations and much more. great honor to see you back. >> thank you. >> sean: you just turned 87. you work 18 hour days. >> yes. >> sean: i read about you just in the three years you've been president now, you are in the third year of a seven year
5:55 am
term, right? >> that's right. >> sean: you've had 700 meetings with heads of state, prime ministers, parliamentary leaders, envoys. head of international organizations, u.n. you have given 600 foreign media interviews, i thought i would be first but 601 is not bad. i mean how do you do it? >> i think the best vacation is working. i think it is much better to work than to do nothing. it keeps you -- you should be engaged. you should be curious. and that's the best way. >> sean: i care a lot. and i don't think i've ever been in concerned. you have repeated threats, ahmadinejad, iran, that they want to wipe israel off the map. >> right. >> sean: i believe he probably does. now he -- now we are told he
5:56 am
is close to getting his ambition fulfilled and acquiring nuclear weapons. >> nobody can guarantee what he's going to do with nuclear weapons. it will spoil the whole middle east, bring it down to pieces. the problem is what to do? in my judgment, at lost three steps that should be taken right away. i think moral sanctions are not as important than economic ones. we have to create a situation where it will be a shame to be -- to be in the same room with ahmadinejad. he's a dictator, killer, terrorist. he acts against the convention of the united nations. the united nations, no member is permitted to threaten another member, he does. being accepted like a cultural
5:57 am
hero, it is a shame. we have to get down to values. we have to bring back the importance of being ashamed. >> sean: do you think he could be shamed? i don't think a madman can be -- i don't see how you can appeal to him through negotiations. you are a man of peace. >> iranian people wouldn't like to be ashamed unless he's being forgiven and unless he's being respected. there are many iranians who are -- who feel badly about it. and also, today with all the prestige, making friends with turkey, syria, why? it must be clear that this sort of leadership and this sort of policy is
5:58 am
unseptembered by everybody. >> sean: you acknowledged this recently, a position that i've stated for many years, i don't think we are going to get united nations support. united nations, in my view, has proven to be anti-american and anti-semitic, as an organization. i don't know if you concur or agree. but i don't see the international will. i don't see the will in the middle east to confront what i believe is evil in our time and a madman that would want a modern day holocaust. >> that was, i say an organization but on top of the organization there must be some values, including the united nations. it is not the united nations as an organization is the problem. the problem is there is an anti-israeli in the united nations. >> sean: i agree. >> doesn't stand a chance in the united nations. there were many confrontations
5:59 am
with terrorists, innocent people killed nobody asked a question about it. problems in chechnya, problems in somalia, problems in iraq, nobody deals with it. they picked up israel, only because there is an anti-israeli in the united nations. i told you today to the secretary general. we used to be alone. we know that we are alone. we have the support of the united states. there are people in the united states, the press, and the management, the leaders, it is very important to us. but we know that we have to take care of ourselves as well. and among all the american friends, we are the only one that never asked the americans to send american soldiers to defend our life. >> sean: i wish you god's speed and i hope there is a peaceful solution at the e

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